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Book Review: 100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music

100 Greatest Songs In Christian Music: The Stories Behind The Music That Changed Our Lives Forever. CCM. 2006. Thomas Nelson. 196 pages. [Source: Gift]

While I'm not sure that I like the subtitle of this one, I must admit this one was fun to browse and skim. You should know that there isn't a 'proper' table of contents or an 'official' list, for better or worse. Also, there isn't an index. To see what made the cut as being among the '100 Greatest Songs' you do have to flip through the entire book. Several pages--of text and photographs--are devoted to each song. Chances are that you'll seek out your favorite songs, your favorite artists, and want to read those pages. And there'll be other pages that you merely skim over.

I thought I'd mention the songs that meant something TO ME.

81. When God Ran. Benny Hester. If it was MY list, this one would be much higher on the list. This was really my first favorite, favorite, favorite, FAVORITE song. And it's still among my favorites if I'm honest. I'll never out-grow my need for this emotional, compelling song of God's amazing love for us.

63. We Are The Reason. David Meece. I love and adore this song. I'd be surprised if I could ever listen to this one without getting all teary. I learned early on that the BEST Christmas songs NEED a little Easter in them.

46. Secret Ambition. Michael W. Smith. This isn't the only MWS song on the list. There are many, many songs that made it. I love this one. This was one of the first Christian music videos I remember seeing on TV. And it reminds me of my first concert. It was MAGIC.

41. Love Crucified Arose. Michael Card. I love, love, love Michael Card's music. He does some of my favorite songs. Like "Final Word" and "Immanuel" and "God's Own Fool" and "Tell The World That Jesus Loves You." Just to name a few :)

25. Big House. Audio Adrenaline. I love this one. It reminds me of high school. I saw Audio Adrenaline in concert many, many times! (Same with Newsboys!)

16. Agnus Dei. Third Day. I really appreciate the fact that this little song from the album Exodus got mentioned. True it is Third Day. But still. The Exodus album was one I listened endlessly to for many, many months. I still have many happy associations with it. Just seeing the cover makes me smile.

15. Because He Lives. Gaithers. This song is EVERYTHING to me. You might think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. Every word, every verse is packed with meaning for me. And the memories. Oh. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it.

9. Shine. Newsboys. Is Shine my favorite Newsboys song? I'm not sure. I loved the album Going Public. I think I listened to it five times a day for months and months. I love Shine. I love Spirit Thing. I'm surprised more Newsboys didn't make the list. I really am. (Entertaining Angels is another favorite of mine!)

Am I surprised by who didn't make it on the list? or by what didn't make it on the list? Yes and no. I have to remind myself that this book did come out in 2006. I think they'd be more Steven Curtis Chapman on the list if the list was newer. And there isn't one Chris Tomlin song on the list. Praise songs in general don't get mentioned all that often on the list--which is what I mainly listen to these days.

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