Saturday, October 24, 2015

Worth Quoting: Why A Deep Sense of Sin is So Crucial!

Sin isn't all that popular a doctrine at times. Some would argue against its existence at all. Some would just dismiss it as an old-fashioned concept that has lost all relevance or usefulness. Some don't deny it, but, don't make much of it either--at least from the pulpit! Why talk about sin? You might make someone feel uncomfortable! They might never come back to your church! You want everyone to feel welcome! You want everyone to hear the good news that God is love! But a right understanding of sin is absolutely essential. And David Murray illustrates just why in his conclusion to his book THE HAPPY CHRISTIAN. He argues that "A deep sense of sin gives insights into the deep things of the Bible."

From The Happy Christian by David Murray:

  • When I feel my sinfulness, I'm much more motivated to search the Scriptures for grace to help in my time of need.
  • When I'm convicted of my sin, I doubt my wisdom and rely more on the Holy Spirit.
  • When I see my sin, I understand the character of God better--His frightening holiness and His refreshing love.
  • When I'm confronted with my sinful inability, I have no doubts about my need of God's grace.
  • When I grasp how bad my best deeds are, salvation by faith without works becomes fascinating and utterly compelling.
  • When I'm utterly condemned, all new perspectives on justification look ridiculous, and I get a far deeper insight into the old but ever new perspective of justification by faith alone.
  • When I mourn my spiritual deadness, the resurrection of Christ is not only a doctrine but my only source of life. 
  • When I sense my immeasurable guilt, I have no difficulty whatsoever in grasping the existence and eternality of hell.
  • When I absorb the enormity of my spiritual enmity, substitution is no longer a theory of the atonement but my only and enthralling hope.
  • When I see the untrustworthiness of my heart and mind, the inerrancy of Scripture becomes a matter of life or death.
  • When I perceive the deceitfulness of my heart, I understand so much better how to minister the Word to other similar hearts.
  • When I behold the ugliness and vileness of my sin, my eyes are opened to behold more of the glory and beauty of Christ. (223-224)
His conclusion also includes a long list of "good results" that come from having one's sins repented of and forgiven!!! I urge you to seek out this book for yourself!

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Cathy said...

I love his points, so true! This book looks interesting, will have to look into it. Thanks for sharing. : )