Friday, October 9, 2015

Book Review: The Imposter

The Imposter. Suzanne Woods Fisher. 2015. Revell. 320 pages. [Source: Review copy]

I definitely enjoyed reading Suzanne Woods Fisher's The Imposter. It is a novel set in Stoney Ridge, but, it is the first in its series, The Bishop's Family. I very much appreciated the fact that there was a cast of characters at the beginning.

I enjoyed this one for the characterization and the setting. It is a contemporary story set within the Amish community. That in itself is a bit refreshing. The characters, most of them at least, are quite flawed, which can be a very good thing. Humans are flawed, so, when characters are flawed too instead of perfectly, perfectly perfect, it makes them feel real, easier to relate to in many ways. And Fisher's characters have depth and substance. Readers get to know many from within this one community. I would say the main characters are Katrina Stoltzfus and her father, David, who is a minister.

Katrina struggles with heartbreak. In her own mind, she was as good as engaged to a guy named John. It wasn't to be--for a handful of reasons--and now she must deal with her loss and move forward. But knowing that one should move forward, doesn't make it any easier to do.

David has struggles of his own. He's a widower. He's raising five kids on his own now. He's a minister in a very disgruntled community, and, he's being "attacked" in some ways by those in authority over him, the bishop of Stoney Ridge. The fact that there are those within the community who want to play matchmaker, well, it doesn't lessen his stress any!

Those are just two of many characters we meet in the novel. Plenty happens in this one, but, I'd say it was probably more character-driven. This one is easy to recommend.

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