Monday, January 18, 2016

Book Review: Today is Day One

Today is Day One: A Devotional. Matthew West. 2015. Harvest House. 224 pages. [Source: Review copy]

Would I recommend Matthew West's Today is Day One? Yes and no. Yes, to those readers who are devotional readers, to those looking for a new devotional to read this year, to those who enjoy spending a few moments reading something light or moderately substantive. No, to those readers with little patience for devotional books, to those who find the typical devotional book to be too light, too flimsy for their spiritual needs. I do think sometimes people make the mistake of centering their "devotional" time, their "quiet" time around a particular devotional book instead of the Word of God. That is a big, big mistake in my opinion. For no devotional book--no matter how good--can replace the Bible.

Today is Day One is a devotional book with two-hundred entries. Readers, even readers a little on the lazy side, should be able to read the book within a year. West shares insights about what he's learned about God and the Christian life within the book. The insights are almost always scriptural enough. But the book isn't just a book of insights into God's goodness, faithfulness, and abundant grace. The book also shares personal stories about being Matthew West, about being THE Matthew West, about being a famous singer/songwriter, about meeting his fans, about writing specific songs, about performing and traveling, etc. I could have done with less Matthew West if I'm being honest. The focus could have been more on God, on who He is, on what He has promised, on what He has done, on what He is doing, on what He will do. A little more glory rightly placed on Jesus Christ, and a little less on himself would have pleased me more.

Some entries I definitely appreciated. The book does have some strengths. Is it my new favorite devotional? Probably not. But it's not a bad book all in all.

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