Thursday, January 14, 2016

Quotes from the Cloud #1

This year, I hope share weekly posts of quotes. These quotes are from authors I'm reading and enjoying from the Clouds of Witnesses Reading Challenge

For fellow participants, what I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see is for people to share quotes from what they're reading. I'd love for you to share quotes occasionally with your readers and let me know about it. If you don't have a blog, you could always leave quotes in the comments here.
I thank thee for thy riches to me in Jesus,
for the unclouded revelation of him in thy Word,
where I behold his Person, character, grace, glory,
humiliation, sufferings, death, and resurrection;
Give me to feel a need of his continual saviourhood,
and cry with Job, 'I am vile,'
with Peter, 'I perish,'
with the publican, 'Be merciful to me a sinner.' ~ "God the Source of All Good," Valley of Vision, p. 5
Words are not the essence but the garment of prayer. Yet the use of words may prevent distraction, assist the powers of the soul, and excite devotion. There may be prevailing prayer without words and, sadly, there may be words where there is no true prayer. Let us cultivate the spirit of prayer, which is even better than the habit of prayer. We should begin to pray before we kneel down, and we should not cease to pray when we rise up. ~ Charles Spurgeon, Spurgeon's Daily Treasures in the Psalms, January 8
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