Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: Parenting God's Way

Parenting God's Way. Alistair Begg. 2017. Truth for Life. 44 pages. [Source: Gift]

First sentence: What is the greatest problem facing our nation?

This is a wee little book by Alistair Begg. How wee is wee? Two little chapters. That's it. One chapter is called "Being a Father God's Way." The other chapter is called "Being a Mother God's Way." Read together, I believe Begg answers his own question voiced in the introduction.

Both chapters approach parenting from a biblical standpoint. That is, what does the Bible have to say on the subject of fathers parenting their children? Or, what does the Bible have to say on the subject of mothers parenting their children? How does a father's role differ from a mother's role? Does it differ? Begg argues that the roles do differ.

One of my favorite passages is, "The obsessions and priorities of the father will become the obsessions and priorities of his children, and in exactly the same way, those things he disregards and ignores will also be pushed away by his children." (15)

I liked this one. It was practical, relevant, and short.

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