Friday, February 2, 2018

Bible Review: KJV Readers Bible

KJV Reader's Bible. 2016. Holman Bible Publishers. 1840 pages. [Source: Gift]

It took me six weeks to read this one. I enjoyed the reading experience for the most part. Here's what you should know about this one.

It is in the King James translation. For better or worse. Me, well, I love, love, love, CRAZY love Psalms and the gospels in the KJV. Verily, verily, I do. I don't love reading other books quite so much in the translation. Some passages sing--a phrase my mother uses all the time to describe translations that have beauty and depth and wonder. But I struggle with understanding it at times. This leads to either: a) disengaging and skimming or b) reading slowly and getting frustrated when I don't feel "full."

It is a READERS version of the Bible. This is a new trend in Bible publishing. It removes chapters and verses. This is great if you want to read the Bible at home and immerse yourself into it one book at a time. I do love to do that--especially with shorter books. But it would be difficult to use this one at church and follow my opinion.

It is single column. It is also black letter.

The font is a nice size for the eyes. The pages are thin but not horribly awful. The layout seems nice enough. No complaints from me.

But this one breaks words into syllables. It is an-noy-ing. It works against the philosophy of immersing yourself into the reading experience. Show me another book in the world--fiction or nonfiction--that feels the need to do this for the readers' benefit?!

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