Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Book Review: The Sea Before Us

The Sea Before Us. (Sunrise at Normandy #1) Sarah Sundin. 2018. Revell. 375 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: Wyatt Paxton never realized coming home could be as bittersweet as leaving.

Premise/plot: Sarah Sundin's newest historical series is set during World War II in England. Wyatt Paxton is a Texan with a shady past who finds himself falling in love with a WREN, Dorothy Fairfax. Dorothy--thinner but still as freckled as ever--is head over heels with her childhood crush, a friend of her brothers. Wyatt and Dorothy become close friends as they both work towards the goal of invading Normandy and advancing victory. This friendship is advanced, in part, because Wyatt and her father get along so well. And Dorothy needs people in her life who can help her with her difficult father. The two have never been close, but since the war started things have become even more strained.

My thoughts. I loved, loved, LOVED this one. Truth be told I've loved all of Sarah Sundin's novels. Some series I love more than others. But she is a true favorite author of mine. I do recommend her often to anyone and everyone with an interest in World War II or historical fiction in general. I really love how Christian her books are; Christian without being preaching. Dorothy struggles in this one. She feels that since the war, God has struck down everyone that she has ever loved or cared for. Her feelings are genuine, and Sundin addresses an age-old question in this one.

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