Monday, December 24, 2018

Book Review: A Bound Heart

A Bound Heart. Laura Frantz. 2019. Revell. 400 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence:
Isle of Kerrera, Scotland, 1752
As the sun slid from the sky, Lark pressed her back into the pockmarked cliff on the island's west shore. 
Laura Frantz's A Bound Heart is historical fiction set in the 1750s in Scotland, Virginia, and Jamaica. The hero and heroine find themselves far from their native land--and not by choice. Both are "transported" to the colonies, albeit different colonies to serve out their indentures.

Lark MacDougall, our heroine, is a joy to spend time with. She's a bee keeper and a keeper of the stillroom. Like her grandmother, she knows how to make elixirs and remedies for most of what ails you. Unfortunately, she hasn't found an elixir that can cure infertility which is what her mistress is demanding of her.

Magnus MacLeish, our hero, is also a joy. He's also a laird, and Lark's employer. (These two have known each other all their lives, grown up together.) His city wife isn't adapting well to Kerrera. It doesn't help that she's been unable to have a child, an heir. With every miscarriage, she loses the will to live a little more.

I won't spoil the novel by telling you the details his crime or her crime. That should probably be "crime." For the justice system is more an injustice system for these two Scots.

But I will add in a thousand loves. I loved, loved, LOVED this novel. It was giddy-making. I loved the characters. I loved their big hearts. I loved their strength and determination. Magnus is definitely a swoon-worthy hero. Lark was lovely. Lark and Magnus just belong together. I was cheering for them from the beginning. I loved the setting as well. Scotland. Virginia. These are two places my own ancestors lived. The novel swept me up, up, and away. It was just a delight to read.

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