Tuesday, April 14, 2020

32. Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy

Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy. John Piper. 2016. Desiring God. 122 pages. [Source: Free Download] [Devotional]

PREFACE In one sense, there’s nothing special about “Holy Week.” Just another sequence of eight days each spring—nothing is intrinsically holy about this Sunday to Sunday that moves around the calendar each year. We have no mandate from Jesus or his apostles to mark these days for particular observance. Marking Holy Week is not an obligation, but it is an opportunity. It is a chance to walk with the church, throughout time and through the world, as she walks with her Bridegroom through the most important week in the history of the world. It is a chance to focus our minds on, and seek to intensify our affections for, the most important and timeless realities.

Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy is a devotional book. There are morning devotions and evening devotions for each of the days of Holy Week. The book isn't written solely by John Piper. It includes devotions written by a handful of authors and theologians.

Authors include John Piper, Jonathan Parnell, Andreas Köstenberger, Justin Taylor, Marshall Segal, David Mathis, Johnathan Bowers, Jon Bloom, Donald Macleod, Joe Rigney, and Tony Reinke.

I don't typically use devotionals. But I did enjoy this one. Perhaps I find it easier to commit to reading a devotional a day for a one week span than an entire year!

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