Monday, April 20, 2020

34. At Love's Command

At Love's Command. (Hanger's Horsemen #1) Karen Witemeyer. 2020. 384 pages. [Source: Review copy] [historical romance]

First sentence: They’ve got us pinned down, Captain.

At Love's Command is the first in a new book series by Karen Witemeyer. It is set in Texas in the 1890s. The hero is Matthew Hanger. He along with three other Horsemen help ensure justice is done. It is sometimes a risky affair. Soon after the novel opens, one of the men--Mark Wallace--is shot. Luckily there is a doctor in the nearby town of Purgatory Springs, a Dr. Burkett.

Dr. Josephine Burkett is our heroine. She is pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the four Horsemen. She's heard plenty about them: they're famous or infamous. As she tends to Mark, she finds herself drawn more and more and more to their leader, Matthew. But she's never considered courting or marriage as anything for her--doctoring, helping, healing that's her life's call. Is there room for both in her life?

Perhaps when her BROTHER is kidnapped or "kidnapped" she'll get the chance to work out for herself how she feels about Matthew. If she can convince him and the others to take the case...

I really enjoyed this one. That isn't a surprise. I love her works. LOVE. I've yet to be disappointed by any of her series.

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