Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Operation Actually: Summer Studies Mini-Challenge

Operation Actually: Summer Studies Mini-Challenge

Host: Operation Actually Read Bible

Duration of the Challenge: June 1, 2009 - September 7, 2009

Description of the Challenge: Participants will choose one gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) to study for the summer. Study could mean reading it multiple times (once a month for June, July, August). Or it could mean reading the gospel and reading books about that gospel (commentaries, study helps, etc.). Or it could mean reading the gospel, listening to the gospel, watching a video drama of the gospel, listening to sermon series preached from that gospel, or participating in a Bible Study or Sunday School class discussion of that gospel. It might mean memorization of passages.

You do not have to have a blog to participate. You can keep track of your progress on the mini-challenge by commenting on this site. (If you want. No one is going to make you share what you learn or anything! But sharing does build community among participants, so it is encouraged!

If you have a blog and would like to 'journal' your studies, feel free to do so. But it's not required.

You do NOT have to be a participant in the perpetual challenge Operation Actually Read Bible.

To sign up for the challenge, please leave a comment.

You can sign up without knowing which gospel you'd like to choose for the challenge.
But if you'd like to share that information when you sign up, it might be interesting.
Maybe folks reading the same gospel could participate in discussions together and encourage one another all summer long.


Sherrylinn said...

This sounds like an awesome challenge! Count me in for the Gospel of John.

God Bless!


Amanda said...

I'll definitely be doing the study, I think it sounds like a great way to get more into my Bible reading!

I think I'll do the Gospel of Matthew, it's one of my favorite books of the Bible anyways, but I've never done an actual study of it.

Lisa Richards said...

YES! This is the kind of encouragement I need to ACTUALLY read my Bible! I've been kind of wandering around in my Bible lately and need to discipline myself more.

I think I'll go for Luke since it's been a while.

Thanks, Becky!

sally906 said...

A great idea - I will read MARK - I have a study book of Mark ready to go.

I have to confess that haven't been reading my way through the Bible - just dipping in and out.

However, I felt moved by God to go deeper, not to be superficial so I have started a Quiet Time Study called Revive my Heart by Catherine Martin. it is a wonderful Bible Study about Spirtual revival.

I have started to journal my quiet times on my Christian blog:

hopeinbrazil said...

I hope to do Mark or Luke.

tatnlace said...

I am choosing Matthew!

Cynda Western Felini said...

I needed a challenge to get me going again. I have languished in my Bible reading, yet again. I will see what study I can get from Mardels and post my choice later. But count me in.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, Becky. I posted about this challenge in my Sunday Salon.