Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review: Joy

Joy: A Godly Woman's Adornment. Lydia Brownback. 2010. Crossway Books. 104 pages.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this "on-the-go" devotional by Lydia Brownback. The focus of this one is JOY. And it's a much-needed book, I believe! Over forty entries on the theme of living joyously! Each entry is inspired by a particular Scripture. I noticed many Scriptures from Psalms and Philippians! As I've been reading Philippians daily--and Psalms daily--I've come to realize that joy can be transformational to our lives. We're told to REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS. And these devotional entries might be a good place to start building a new habit.

  • Joy in Going Forward
  • Joy in Repentance
  • Joy in Rejection
  • Joy, No Matter What
  • Joy in God's Place
  • Joy in Thanksgiving
  • Joy in Letting Go
  • Joy in the Present
  • Joy in Eternity
  • Joy in Discipleship
  • Joy in Wisdom
  • Joy in Waiting
  • Good Joy and Bad Joy
  • Joy in the Path of Life
  • Persevering for Joy
  • Joy in Forgiveness
  • Joy in Being Home
  • Joy in Drawing Near to God
  • Joy in the Blessings of Others
  • The Responsibility of Joy
  • Counterfeit Joy
  • Joy in Vulnerability
  • Joy in Knowing Jesus
  • Joy in Abiding
  • Joy in Eating and Drinking
  • The Joy of Wonder
  • The Fruit of Joy
  • Joy in All God's Gifts
  • Joy in Hard Things
  • Joy in Today
  • Joy in God's Providences
  • Joy from Failure
  • Joy in God's Care
  • Joy in Prayer
  • Joy in Discernment
  • Joy in Trust
  • Joy in Full Provision
  • Joy From Rejoicing
  • Joy in Christ Alone
  • Joy in Submission
  • Joy in God's Love

I'd definitely recommend it!!!

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