Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Review: Trust

Trust. Lydia Brownback. 2008. Crossway Books. 124 pages.

I definitely liked this devotional book by Lydia Brownback. Though I don't think it's her best from the series. I enjoyed that each devotional entry was tied to at least one Scripture verse--sometimes more than one being mentioned. But. I found the book to be somewhat uneven. Some of the entries were great. I loved it each and every time when she would use a Bible story or Bible character to illustrate a point. But some entries were focused elsewhere, highlighting the many types of stresses, worries, and anxieties that can burden down Christian women. These "stories" where we "meet" so-and-so and learn about her problems, and her spiritual weaknesses are pointed out as an example to us all were not as good for me. Some of the issues kept popping up again and again throughout the devotional. A few entries seemed to be nearly identical in theme even. But. I still thought the author made a few good points. I didn't agree with every little thing she said. Her emphasis that stress, fear, anxiety, worry are always, always, always, no matter what a spiritual problem and essentially a person's own fault. I think a more balanced approach is wiser. But. I still thought she had some good, biblical things to share with readers.

I've reviewed another "on-the-go" devotional by Lydia Brownback, Purity.

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