Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sign up for 2013 Operation Deepen Faith

This challenge has multiple parts. (You wouldn't have to sign up for 
each part. But. Ideally participants would be interested in doing more than just one.) 

I. Wonderful Words of Life. Goal: Try the MacArthur method of reading one (short, NT) book of the Bible 30 times in a month (or close to it). I'm not asking you to commit to twelve books in twelve months. Your goal might be to do it just once. Give it a try. See if it changes how you read a text, see if it changes you. The 30 times can be all in one translation. But if you'd like, you can read it in as many translations as you like. Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, James, Titus, 1 John--any of those would be a good starting place. 

II. Going Deep; Goal: STUDY one book of the Bible throughout the year. Read it at least four times. (You might even challenge yourself to read it twelve times--once each month.) If possible, read the notes in a study Bible. Or read a commentary book about it. Read or listen to sermons on it. Consider reading it in different translations. Get to know that one book well. Let God speak to you through it. 

III. Deep and Wide; Goal: read multiple books of the bible in multiple translations.

For example that might mean reading four to six books of the Bible (OT or NT, whatever you prefer) in four to six different translations. The books wouldn't have to be long books. You might choose Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, etc. Or you might choose  John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Revelation. Or Luke, Acts, Romans, Hebrews. You can choose a group of books that makes sense to you. Books that you want to explore further. You choose the books, you choose the translations. You choose the pace. 

IV.  Meditate or Memorize. Note the OR! Not everyone is comfortable committing to memorize Scripture. (I'm one of them!) Goal: Choose about a verse a week--or a verse every other week--to reflect and meditate on. It might mean memorizing it. It might mean writing or journaling about it. (Or blogging about it if you like.) It might mean praying it. Or studying it. It's taking the reading of Scripture into something a little more--worship. These verses would not be chosen ahead of time. I'm not asking for a list. This is all about choosing-as-you-go, choosing as you read, let Scripture speak to you. 

V. Taste and See. Perhaps you're new to reading the Bible, not quite sure where to start, a bit intimidated... Goal: read one gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), read one NT epistle (Romans-Revelation). And consider reading one book from the Old Testament, I suggest Genesis OR Psalms. Of course, you could choose any OT book. 

VI. Christian Nonfiction. Don't be afraid to give it a try. Read some theology. You choose the number of books to aim for. A beginner might not feel comfortable committing to more than two books. And that's fine. I want to challenge you to start somewhere. This challenge is for everyone. Not just for people who want to commit to reading twenty! 

  • books about God (his attributes, his character, his names, etc.)
  • books about the birth, life, death, resurrection of Jesus
  • books about the Bible
  • books about Bible characters (Moses, David, Solomon, Abraham, Jesus, Peter, etc.)
  • books about prayer, fasting
  • books about worship or worship music 
  • books about church life or church growth or church leadership 
  • books about missions
  • sermon collections (sermon note collections), essay collections
  • biographies/memoirs of theologians, preachers, missionaries, etc.
  • books about pain, suffering, tough questions, etc.
  • books about apologetics
  • books about evangelism
  • books about end times

Sign up by leaving a comment. Be sure to let me know which of the six you're interested in joining. You don't have to commit to specifics. (You don't have to tell me which one book you're going to study. Or how many books/how many translations you're going to read. Or the number of theology books you're wanting to commit to.) Though if you have decided, then feel free to share! But you don't have to have it all exactly planned out in order to join!

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible


twiga92 said...

I plan to do this again. I haven't completed the multiple readings for this year but I at least have read in a few different translations so am partially completed.
I will probably do 1, 3, 4, and 6. I'm still working on memorizing 2 Corinthians 4 for my goal this year but if I can complete it can move on to something else for next year. #6 will be easy for me actually as I am reading a lot of books of theology these days. Will probably do Philippians or Colossians for #1. Love this challenge!

Kumud Raj said...
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Anonymous said...

I'd love to take part in this next year since I really really want to spend time with the Word as much as I can. I'm looking at tasks 1 (and/or 2), 4 and 6.

I'm also looking at joining your perpetual challenge. Shall have a post up at my blog regarding this sometime in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!
I will be joining in. I am interested in 1,2 and 6. I am looking forward to this challenge. I am not very good at memorizing anything.

Anonymous said...

For #6 I would like to read one of these each month. If I can get my hands on one that I want to read. For #2 I think I will study Romans... all year long. And for #1, well I think I will start with Galatians...Can't wait for the new year!

Eva North said...

I would like to try with the first three.....but I'm going to start slow

Shan said...

This is a great challenge! I'll be doing 1,2,3 and 6.

Thanks for hosting!

Annette said...

Thank you Becky for hosting this, especially your dedication to reading the Bible and being God's faithful witness!
I'll be reading through the whole Bible in 2013.
I also will be reading Revelation 12 times in 12 different translations. The first translation in January will be from the NKJV Macarthur Study Bible. I am expecting this Bible from Amazon on Friday.
For all your readers! Attention!
I'm hosting a giveaway of a new NKJV large print Bible. Just email me at (by December 21 at MN) if you are interested. I'll announce the winner on December 24!
This is the link:


Jim Black said...

I joined the 2012 challenge late in the year. This year I plan on participating in 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Anonymous said...

I finished this challenge a year or two ago but prolly didn't post about it. I concentrated on Hebrews. Not sure I wanna participate again but I would love to reread all of the books written by missionaries again.

Amanda Howell said...

I'm going to try for 2, 3 & 6. I'd like to do a deep study on Romans.

For the multiple books in multiple languages, I'll probably go for James, Romans, Titus, and 1 Corinthians.

I'll be tracking this via a Pinterest post, and I'll update it with what non-fiction Christian books I read.

thecoolmom said...

I plan to do I, II, and VI. This is something I've been looking forward to.

Kristi Herbrand said...

I am going to try to read some non-fiction and I am going to sign up for one of the reading plans online - just don't know which one yet, so not sure where it will fit -

But there is my post anyway !


Simon Thomas said...

I will do this. I am not a huge fan of Macarthur but I agree the method of reading is good.
I need something to help with family devotions that include a 4 year old and a 8 year old any ideas? Google cant seem to help me with that one.

Anonymous said...

I changed my mind. I will be doing 1, 4, and 6 concentrating on 1 Peter. Note that Yale University has you tube videos of classes on the Bible and Jews for Jesus has audio sermons on their website.

Becky said...

Simon Thomas, you might consider Jesus Wants All of Me by Phil A. Smouse, an "update" of sorts for Oswald Chambers' Utmost for His Highest. It would be good for 4 year olds.

Melissa Haggerty said...

I am so excited about this challenge! I am planning on doing 1, 3, 5, and 6. I'm not sure on what I'll do exactly yet, but those are the goals I'm setting.

Becca Acker said...

I'm going to try and go with IV. Memorizing/meditating.
Thanks for sharing!

Veggiemomof2 said...

Goal #1: Read the entire bible in 1 year for the 1st time. I'm doing it in Chronological order & NIV.

Goal #2: Complete 6 bible studies this year.

Retha Groenewald said...

This is great! I am definitely in. My two blogs are about the Bible. So I can't wait. I am going for all 6 - Need to decide which four books - Daniel is definitely one.

Jim Black said...

I just finished and posted my comments on Max Lucado's "Grace" over at

Linda said...

Hi Becky,

This year I've been reading the Bible along with N.T. Wright's commentaries —so I'll sign up for #6. There are so many old and new non-fiction books.


Anonymous said...

I read Andy Stanley's Deep and Wide. It is about starting a church for the unchurched and/or unbelievers. His church does not look like one either inside or outside as he believes the usual church architecture turns some people away. Each part of the service is different from regular church and it brings folks back week after week. The second chapter is about his rift with his father, Charles Stanley, after his parents divorced. said...

I am just finding this reading challenge. I haven't had mug of an attention span for reading, but I have been reading quite a bit more in the last couple weeks. I am pregnant and due in Aug, so I am reading a lot on childbirth and nursing, but I plan to participate in #6 as well. I just started in a personal challenge to read the Bible cover to cover for the first time. I also just finished the book Red Sea Rules, which was a great little read!

twiga92 said...

this month of June I am trying to do #1 - reading the book of Colossians every day for 30 days.