Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review: This Little Light

This Little Light of Mine. Shelagh McNicholas. 2013. Scholastic. 12 pages.

I'm always happy to post about faith-friendly children titles. This Little Light of Mine is a board book adaptation of a familiar song. While the text doesn't stay completely true to the original song (choosing instead to say "won't let no one blow it out"), most of it should feel familiar to readers. (I'm not sure the third section fits rhythmically in the song. It's hard to make "Everywhere I go" fit the same way as "This little light of mine." It just has too few syllables. I personally would have preferred the "Let it shine til Jesus comes.") As for the illustrations, the story they tell is about a little boy and a little girl helping another child find their lost dog; they also seem to be working together to build a dog house. The illustrations don't particular relate to the text of the song other than it shows that being a light in the world means being loving and kind to others.

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