Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Bible Reading

I read the Bible twice in 2012. While I read in many different translations, I believe the two translations I read most were the ESV and KJV. (Other translations read include the NASB, HCSB, CEB, NIV, and New King James.) I read the New Testament in its entirety thirteen times this year. I read Psalms through 11 times, and Proverbs through 12 times. 

The NT book I read most in 2012: Philippians, 66 times!
New Testament books I read more than fifty times: Philippians (66), 1 John (53), Revelation (51).
The gospel I read most in 2012: John, 17 times!
The gospel I read least in 2012: Luke, 15 times!
The least read NT book: Acts, 13 times.
The most read OT books: Psalms and Proverbs
Other OT books I read at least five times: Genesis (5), Ruth (8), Ecclesiastes (6) Isaiah (5), Obadiah (5)

Bibles I spent the most time with this year:

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