Saturday, December 8, 2012

Have you seen Genius?!

Today I watched Genius, the new movie from the producers of 180. This is a great little film--just over thirty minutes. The introductory subject matter is John Lennon of The Beatles, his (sometimes controversial) life and tragic death/murder.

The street interviews are as compelling as ever leading up to a great presentation of the gospel. If you're familiar with the style--the use of the Ten Commandments to show people their own sinfulness and their desperate need for a Savior--then you know what to expect. Still some of the things from the interviews may surprise you.

There is also a new book by Ray Comfort called, The Beatles, God, & The Bible. It appears to be most interesting...

  • The Beatles: A Mini History
  • John Lennon and God
  • John's Faith
  • Creation, Sam, and Lennon
  • The Sins of John Lennon
  • The Murder of John Lennon
  • John's Dilemma
  • John's Bad Rap
  • John Lennon's Murderer
  • Murderer and Christian
  • The Tale of Sir Paul
  • Paul McCartney and God
  • George's Story
  • George Harrison and His "Sweet Lord"
  • The Legendary Ringo Starr

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Anonymous said...

we showed 180 to our youth group last year. I am very interested in checking out what Mr. Comfort has put together this time! Thanks for letting us know!