Sunday, May 12, 2013

Christian Mothers

Earlier today, I shared a little poem called "The Reading Mother." A son is paying tribute to his mom. And it's a lovely poem, though not particularly spiritual or religious. Consider the privilege Christian mothers have in sharing, in reading, the Word of God to their children, with their children! That is a gift--a true gift that blesses both mother and child!

Treasure the Word of God, make the Bible a part of your life. Let your kids see you reading and studying the Word! Let them see how MUCH you value it. (If you don't value it, they may not either. If you consider Bible-reading a chore, they might too.) Let them see you make time for Bible reading! Show them that God is number one in your life! Desire God! Let kids see you delighting in God!

Oh the lessons mothers can pass down to their children! Oh the spiritual legacies mothers can leave for their children! Let your children see your passion for God! Show them, teach them, and above all PRAY for them.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible