Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quoting Andrew Murray #5

This is my fifth post featuring quotes from Andrew Murray. (The first, second, third, and fourth).
A patient who had been in a serious accident once asked a doctor, "Doctor, how long will I have to lie here?" The answer, "Only a day at a time," taught the patient a precious lesson. ~ Andrew Murray, Abiding in Christ
One of the first prerequisites to fruitful Bible study is the knowledge of God and the Omnipotent One and of the power of His Word.  The Word of the living God is a living word and it gives life. It not only calls into existence but it also makes alive that which was dead. All spiritual life comes through it. One of the deepest secrets of receiving the blessing of God's Word is faith--faith that the Word will work in me the very thing it commands or promises. It effectually works in those who believe. Nothing can resist its power when received into the heart through the Holy Spirit. ~ Andrew Murray, The Believer's Daily Renewal
The Word I study is the power of God unto salvation; it will work in me all that I need and all that the Father requires. ~ Andrew Murray, The Believer's Daily Renewal
The heavenly life must be nourished by heavenly food and drink, by Jesus himself. ~ Andrew Murray, The Blood of Christ
The greatest stumbling block in the way of victory over prayerlessness is the secret feeling that we will never obtain the blessing of being delivered from it. Do you really long for the courage to believe that deliverance from a prayerless life is possible for you and may become a reality? Then you must learn the great lesson that such a deliverance is included in the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, that it is one of the blessings of the new covenant that God himself will impart to you through Christ Jesus. ~ Andrew Murray, Living a Prayerful Life
Faith is that meekness of soul that waits in stillness to hear, understand, and accept what God says, and to receive, retain, and possess what God gives or does. ~ Andrew Murray, The Path to Holiness
God's Word is food, bread from heaven; the first prerequisite of Bible study is a great hunger after righteousness, a sincere desire to do all God's will. The Bible is a light; the first condition to its enjoyment is a hearty longing to walk in God's ways. The Word is nothing if it is not obeyed. All true knowledge of God's Word depends upon there being first a will to obey it. ~ Andrew Murray, The Believer's Daily Renewal
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