Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week Five, Treasury of Truth

Welcome to the mini-challenge, Treasury of Truth! I hope you benefit from reading, meditating, and studying the Word this month! Perhaps Bible reading isn't a daily part of your life, this would be a great opportunity to start! Here are the goals for this week:

Week five, May 26-May 31
Primary goal: read Psalm 139 five to six times
Secondary goal: read Romans 8 three to four times
Extra Credit: read the book of Romans
Song of the Week: "Never Been A Greater Love" by Aaron Shust (amazon mp3)

From Note to Self by Joe Thorn
Crave the word of God. Be desperate for it! Seek it. Yearn for it. Long for it. Desire it. Tolerate nothing in your life that might diminish your hunger for God's Word. And apply it with vigor and spiritual energy! The Word of God, whether it is preached and heard or read and memorized is more than simply true. It is effectual. The Word of God does more than merely announce: it accomplishes! It doesn't just impart information: it creates life! ~ Sam Storms, Foreword, (19) 
From Purity by Lydia Brownback
We will never love God purely--wholeheartedly--apart from immersing ourselves in God's Word because it is only in Scripture that we learn what God is like. To know him is to love him, and we always desire more of what we love most. (23)
From God Loves You by David Jeremiah
The profound thought of God's love should begin and end your every day. It should define your every goal, your every action. (3)
From Expository Thoughts on the Gospels by J.C. Ryle
Our sins may be many and great, but the payment made by our Great Substitute far outweighs them all.
From God's Power For Your Life by A.W. Tozer
"I stand alone on the Word of God," is the most important truth that we can know.
The people of God ought to be people who have chewed the book, swallowed the book, digested the book, and absorbed the book until it has colored them and given them the right complexion... God's people are called to be heroic. They are called to ingest and work through even the difficult truths contained in God's Word.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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