Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Review: In The Steps of St. Paul

In The Steps of St. Paul. H.V. Morton. 1935. 528 pages.

With the exception of Jerome K. Jerome, I've not really read any travel books. In The Steps of St. Paul by H.V. Morton, readers get a chance to visit the Middle East as it was in the early 1930s. The book is conversational and quite pleasant. The book focuses on history, geography, archaeology, architectural design, politics, and biography.

Morton is "following" the journeys of the apostle, so some attention is given to providing summaries of Acts and Paul's epistles. Not so much focus that this book becomes commentary, but just enough to establish the purpose of the author's travels. 

It's evident that he was a traveler, that Morton greatly enjoyed traveling. And in this book, readers see his respect for the Bible and for history. He provides some cultural context for reading the Bible. 

 But the emphasis isn't solely on the past. It is a description of the modern day region--as it was when he visited in the early 1930s. The author provides historical background for the regions in which he's traveling, often covering several time periods. For example, he often discusses how the region has changed since the Great War (World War I). He also discusses several different crusades.

The book was interesting. I'm not sure it is a must-read for every believer. But it was a pleasant read, full of detail.

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