Sunday, January 26, 2014

Read With Me: Genesis, Week 5

This week's reading, if you're reading along, is Genesis 39-50. If you've read Genesis this month, I'd love you to share what you've learned, what you enjoyed, etc. Has reading Genesis helped you understand the New Testament better?
Christ is the Divine answer to the Devil's overthrow of our first parents. ~ A.W. Pink, The Satisfaction of Christ
Let us strive, every year we live, to become more deeply acquainted with Scripture. Let us study it, search into it, dig into it, meditate on it, until it dwell in us richly. ~ J.C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of Luke
The best of God’s saints have their nights; the dearest of his children have to walk through a weary wilderness. There is not a Christian who has enjoyed perpetual happiness, there is no believer who can always sing a song of joy. ~ Charles Spurgeon, The Desire of the Soul in Spiritual Darkness
God wants us all in various places, and the secret of accomplishing the most for Him is to recognize our places from Him and our service in it as pleasing Him. In the great factory and machine there is a place for the smallest screw and rivet as well as the great driving wheel and piston, and so God has His little screws whose business is simply to stay where He puts them and to believe that He wants them there and is making the most of their lives in the little spaces that they fill for Him. ~ A.B. Simpson, Days of Heaven Upon Earth
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Monica said...

Well, I am not really reading along but I am doing the Chronological read which includes Genesis so far. Taking it in snippets and giving me the day to ponder those scriptures has really been helpful. Gave me a few more questions too that I need to search out. Like did Jacob REALLY steal Esau's birthright? Why would Rachel's father trick Jacob like he did...? ya know, little things like that. But over all I am really enjoying Genesis! Not looking forward to Leviticus though! :)