Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Review: How To Worship Jesus Christ

How To Worship Jesus Christ. Joseph S. Carroll. Foreword by John F. MacArthur, Jr. 1984/1991. Moody Publishers. 90 pages. [Source: Bought]

How To Worship Jesus Christ is short and practical. It isn't so much that the contents are new and revolutionary. The advice within is sound and quite traditional. Give your all to God. Surrender everything, keep on surrendering. Confess your sins in the moment, don't put off confessing and repenting. Make a decision. Make a choice. Make God your one thing. Put your choice into action. Say you want to love God, say you have faith in God, prove it by your actions. Don't talk about praying, actually pray. Don't talk about reading your Bible, actually read it. Don't talk about worshipping God, actually worship him. Now, I am NOT saying that the book is all do, do, do, serve, serve, serve, give, give, give. The book is JUST what it says it is. A book about WORSHIP. What God wants from you is your praise and worship. He wants your heart, your true heart. It is in the worshipping that God's presence becomes real to believers, to Christians. It is in the act of worship that God's presence is felt and experienced. When we're not worshipping God, God is still very much present. But we aren't always good at feeling his presence, of feeling that God is real. Want a closer relationship with God? Start worshipping Him. He will make his presence known to you. But. You can't cling to sin and selfishness and hate AND worship God. There are things you must put down, put away, before your worship is true heart worship. Note: I am NOT saying that Carroll is saying that one must be perfectly righteous before you start praying and worshipping. He is not demanding human perfection. He is stressing the importance of authentic, genuine worship that comes from a repentant, thankful heart. Worship isn't something you mumble or stumble your way through. It is intentional and must engage the heart and mind and soul. A whole person worships.

He suggests readers memorize one verse per week. He suggests readers memorize hymns. He thinks both practices will draw out the heart in worship.

The chapters within:

  • One Thing Needful
  • True Worship
  • A True Heart
  • Revelation Four and Five
  • The How of Worship
Worship is not simple, but it is glorious! I have found these many years that it is the one thing the enemy will oppose more than anything else--more than intercession, more than petition. The one thing he does not want is for you to worship Jesus Christ. (38)
Worship is not simple because the rewards are so great. As we learn to give ourselves to the worship of our Lord, He can be nearer and more real to us than our best friend or closest loved one. The rewards are indeed great, but the amazing fact is that very few worship Jesus Christ. Therefore, the spiritual senses are not quickened to His presence. (38)

You will never be a worshipper of Christ apart from a definite act of your will. (39)

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