Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Year with Owen #12

I will be sharing some John Owen quotes this year. The first book I'll be reading is Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers (1656).

Bring your lust to the gospel--not for relief, but for further conviction of its guilt. ~ John Owen
Consider the infinite patience and forbearance of God toward you in particular. ~ John Owen
Get a constant longing, breathing after deliverance from the power of it. Suffer not your heart one moment to be contented with your present frame and condition. ~ John Owen
Longing, breathing, and panting after deliverance is a grace in itself, that has a mighty power to conform the soul into the likeness of the thing longed after. ~ John Owen
Assure yourself, unless you long for deliverance you shall not have it. ~ John Owen
Consider whether the distemper with which you are perplexed be not rooted in your nature, and cherished, fomented, and heightened from your constitution. ~ John Owen
Consider what occasions, what advantages your distemper has taken to exert and put forth itself, and watch against them all. ~ John Owen
Know that he that dares to dally with occasions of sin will dare to sin. He that will venture upon temptations unto wickedness will venture upon wickedness. ~ John Owen
Rise mightily against the first actings of your distemper, its first conceptions; suffer it not to get the least ground. ~ John Owen
If it have allowance for one step, it will take another. It is impossible to fix bounds to sin. It is like water in a channel--if it once breaks out, it will have its course. ~ John Owen

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