Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Year with Henry #13

This year I will be reading Matthew Henry's Concise Bible Commentary alongside the American Standard Version (1901). I will share quotes a few times a month.

Genesis 16

  • In every relation and situation in life there is some cross for us to bear: much of the exercise of faith consists in patiently submitting, in waiting the Lord’s time, and using only those means which he appoints for the removal of the cross. Foul temptations may have very fair pretenses, and be colored with that which is very plausible. Fleshly wisdom puts us out of God’s way. This would not be the case, if we would ask counsel of God by his word and by prayer, before we attempt that which is doubtful.
  • Passionate people often quarrel with others, for things of which they themselves must bear the blame.
  • It is a great mercy to be stopped in a sinful way, either by conscience or by providence.

Matthew 15

  • How thankful ought we to be for the written word of God! Never let us think that the religion of the Bible can be improved by any human addition, either in doctrine or practice.
  • Where a weak head doubts concerning any word of Christ, an upright heart and a willing mind seek for instruction.
  • It is the duty of parents to pray for their children, and to be earnest in prayer for them, especially for their souls. 
  •  Those whom Christ feeds, he fills. With Christ there is bread enough, and to spare; supplies of grace for more than seek it, and for those that seek for more.

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