Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DVD Review: Luther and the Reformation

Luther and the Reformation. R.C. Sproul. 2011. Ten 23 minute messages. [Source: Gift]

I definitely enjoyed this sermon series by R.C. Sproul. Earlier this year I watched another Reformation-themed DVD series by R.C. Sproul God Alone. I'm counting both of these towards my Reformation Reading Challenge.

Luther and the Reformation.

Luther & the Lightning Bolt
Monastery & Rome Crisis
Tower Experience
Building St. Peters
Indulgence Controversy
Progress to Worms
Roman Catholic View of Justification (part 1)
Roman Catholic View of Justification (part 2)
Protestant View of Justification
Rome's Objections Answered

The first six messages are definitely centered more on history--on what happened, on when it happened, WHO the major players were, etc.--than on theology. These six messages provide a good background or context for understanding the theological debate.

The last four messages are definitely centered more on theology. I think of the theological debate as the WHY IT MATTERED THEN AND WHY IT STILL MATTERS NOW.

This series would serve as an introduction, perhaps, to Martin Luther's life. But it doesn't quite do justice to Reformation theology itself. For that, I would recommend Sproul's God Alone. That series also has ten 23 minute messages. Two sermons each for the following solas.
  • Faith Alone
  • Grace Alone
  • Christ Alone
  • Scripture Alone
  • Glory to God Alone

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