Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Year with Owen #26

I will be sharing some John Owen quotes this year. The third book I'll be reading is The Nature, Power, Deceit and Prevalency of Indwelling Sin. 
  • And for this reason does the apostle here call indwelling sin a law. It is a powerful and effectual indwelling principle, inclining and pressing unto actions agreeable and suitable unto its own nature. ~ John Owen
  • There is an exceeding efficacy and power in the remainders of indwelling sin in believers, with a constant working toward evil. ~ John Owen
  • Awake, therefore, all of you in whose hearts is anything of the ways of God! Your enemy is not only upon you, as on Samson of old, but is in you also. ~ John Owen
  • The pleasures of sin are the rewards of sin; a reward that most men lose their souls to obtain. ~ John Owen
  • Wherever you are, whatever you are about, this law of sin is always in you; in the best that you do, and in the worst. ~ John Owen
  • Men little consider what a dangerous companion is always at home with them. When they are in company, when alone, by night or by day, all is one, sin is with them. ~ John Owen
  • There is a living coal continually in their houses; which, if it be not looked unto, will fire them, and it may be consume them. ~ John Owen
  • Temptations and occasions put nothing into a man, but only draw out what was in him before. ~ John Owen
  • The more men sin, the more they are inclined unto sin. ~ John Owen
  • Every sin increases the principle, and fortifies the habit of sinning. ~ John Owen

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