Friday, August 25, 2017

Book Review: Reformation Sketches

Reformation Sketches: Insights Into Luther, Calvin, and the Confessions. W. Robert Godfrey. 2003. 151 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Around October 31, Martin Luther is remembered far and wide in the United States among evangelical protestants as a hero of the faith.

Premise/plot: Reformation Sketches gathers together previously published material by W. Robert Godfrey. Each of the seventeen chapters were originally published in the magazine Outlook. (

The first five chapters focus on Martin Luther. Of these five, by far, the BEST OF THE BEST is Luther on Law and Gospel. Two chapters focus on Philip Melanchthon. Five chapters focus on John Calvin. One chapter focuses on the French Reformation. One chapter focuses on Peter Martyr Vermigli. The final three chapters focus on Reformed Confessions of faith.

My thoughts: I enjoyed reading this one. I didn't love, love, love it. But I enjoyed it. I really thought the best chapter was the first chapter. I thought it was the most substantive. That being said, I also really loved the tenth chapter, "A Response to Trent." There were definitely chapters that I feel are worth reading. Some chapters focus more on history; other chapters focus more on ministry.

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