Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Summer with Psalm 119 #16

As a few of you know, I love, love, LOVE Psalm 119. I thought it would be great to spend a summer focusing on that psalm and what others have had to say about it. I'll begin with Thomas Manton's Exposition of Psalm 119. It may take all summer to read all 158 sermons. But they're so GOOD, so RICH, I think it will be worth it.

Sermon 18 (Psalm 119:17)

  • God’s word must not only be understood, but obeyed;
  • None of God’s mercies can simply be said to be little; whatever cometh from the great God should be great in our value and esteem;
  • Life natural we have in common with the beasts and plants; but in keeping the word, we live the life of God: Eph. 4:18, Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God.’ To natural men it is a gloomy thing; but to believers this is the life of life, and that which is the joy of their hearts.

Sermon 19 (Psalm 119:18)

  • There is no want of light in the scripture, but there is a veil of darkness upon our hearts; so that if in this clear light we cannot see, the defect is not in the word, but in ourselves.
  • When God is said to enlighten us, it is not that we should expect new revelations, but that we may see the wonders in his word, or get a clear sight of what is already revealed.
  • The light which we have is not without the word, but by the word.

Sermon 20 (Psalm 119:19)

  • We are all travelling into another world, and are every day nearer to eternity. As in a ship, whether men sleep or wake, stand or sit, whether they think of it, yea or nay, the voyage still goes onward. So, whatever we think, and whatever we do, we hasten towards death.
  • Wicked men are pilgrims against their will; but saints are ever looking for, longing for, groaning for a better estate: Rom. 8:23
  • God fits us with graces as well as happiness; not only grants us a glorious estate, but gives us grace to expect it. Hope would be of no use if it did not lift up the head, and look out for a better estate than the world yieldeth. Hope fastens upon God’s title in the covenant, I am thy God.’ Now God could not with honour take this title, and give us no better than present things: Heb. 11:16, Wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he hath prepared for them a city,’ 
  • Keep up a warm respect to your everlasting home. It is not enough to despise the world, but you must look after a better country.
  • A Christian enters heaven while he is here in the world. In the word preached heaven is brought down to us. The gospel is called the kingdom of heaven. And by reading we do as it were converse with the saints departed, that writ what we read. Meditation brings us into the company of God; it puts our heads above the clouds, in the midst of blessed spirits there.

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