Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Book review: Treasured Grace

Treasured Grace (Heart of the Frontier #1) Tracie Peterson. 2017. Bethany House. 320 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: "So what do you plan to do now that he's dead?"

Premise/plot: Treasured Grace is the first in a new series, Heart of the Frontier, by Tracie Peterson. It is a three book series starring three sisters: Grace, Hope, and Mercy. The first book features Grace as its heroine. Grace and her sisters have reached the end of the Oregon Trail, but, things have ended unexpectantly. Her husband has died; she's now in charge of her two sisters and a flock of sheep. It's near winter. She does not want to take the easy solution and marry the first man who asks her. She doesn't want another marriage of convenience. She wants time to think, and time to heal. Speaking of healing, she's a healer. She would like to dedicate her time to helping others, tending the sick and dying. And she's NEEDED more than ever when measles break out just days away from reaching the Whitman mission. Measles wreaks havoc on the tense relations between the mission and the Native Americans. A few from one tribe are ANGRY, and their wrath is focused on one man: Marcus Whitman. Our heroine, Grace Martindale, is no friend of Whitman herself. The two clash in many, many ways.

My thoughts: I found this a compelling, fascinating historical novel. I enjoyed getting to know all three sisters. I felt the book was equal parts history and romance. I liked the balance. It wasn't just a story of how a woman, Grace, is given a second chance to find love and a happily ever after. It wasn't a case of instant love either. There are obstacles in their way, but, the obstacles aren't your typical over-done "obstacles" found in 98% of Christian romances. The history in the novel is that of the Whitman mission and the tragic massacre.

Essentially, I found this to be better than your average historical romance.

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