Friday, December 1, 2017

Journaling the CSB Spurgeon Bible #3

Today marks three weeks since I received the Spurgeon Study Bible. I am definitely making progress day by day. I would definitely recommend this one!
If we do not love the Bible, we certainly do not love the God who gave it to us; but if we do love God, then no other book in the entire world will be comparable in our minds. When God speaks, it is the delight of our ears to hear what he says. In other books there is some truth and some error. Apart from the Bible, the best book ever written has mistakes in it. It is not possible for fallible men to write infallible books. Somehow or other we either say more than is true or less than is true. The most skillful writer does not always keep along that hairline of truth that is more difficult to tread than a razor's edge. But Scripture never errs. Spurgeon Study Bible, Psalm 119:97-99
People may wash this old nature, they may clothe it, they may decorate it, they may educate it, but no evolution can produce grace out of nature. Spurgeon Study Bible, Romans 8:8
A person cannot call on the name of the Lord unless he trusts in that name. We must have reliance on the name of Christ, or else we have not called on him rightly. For those who have become aware of their guilt and awakened to their danger, here is their remedy. Christ Jesus the Son of God became a man. He was born of the virgin Mary, he was crucified, he died, and he rose from the dead. He did this to save sinners such as we all are. All that is asked is this: call on Jesus in faith. We are nothing, but we can take Christ to be everything. Spurgeon Study Bible, Romans 10:13
Let human thoughts perish forever; the thoughts of God, and not the thoughts of man, will save souls. The truth of God should be spoken simply, with as little as possible of the embellishments of metaphysics, and philosophy, and high culture, and all that stuff. I say the Word of God, delivered as we find it, is what brings faith to the souls of men when it is heard. Spurgeon Study Bible, Romans 10:17
The moment sin is forgiven, it ceases to be my friend and becomes my deadly foe. Then the power of sin becomes obnoxious, and we begin to strive against it. Spurgeon Study Bible, Deuteronomy 7:20 

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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