Friday, December 8, 2017

Journaling the CSB Spurgeon Bible #4

Today marks FOUR weeks since I received the Spurgeon Study Bible. I am definitely making progress day by day. I would definitely recommend this one!
If we do not love the Bible, we certainly do not love the God who gave it to us; but if we do love God, then no other book in the entire world will be comparable in our minds. When God speaks, it is the delight of our ears to hear what he says. In other books there is some truth and some error. Apart from the Bible, the best book ever written has mistakes in it. It is not possible for fallible men to write infallible books. Somehow or other we either say more than is true or less than is true. The most skillful writer does not always keep along that hairline of truth that is more difficult to tread than a razor's edge. But Scripture never errs. Spurgeon Study Bible, Psalm 119:97-99
"I have a message from God for you." Can there be a person to whom God has never sent a message? Possibly the question may be startling. The thought of the great invisible God sending such a message seems strange and unlikely. To me it is far more surprising that anyone should imagine he has never done so. Is he our Creator? And has he who made us launched us forth on the tempestuous sea of life to drift in solitude without compass or guide? Does it seem likely? The truth of the matter, I think, is that we have been deaf to God's messages. He has often desired to correspond with us. He has sent some communications to us, but we have resented and rejected them. Is it not likely that he has often spoken when we have not heard and that he has drawn near to us and called to us when we would not listen to him? It cannot be that God has left the world--it must be that the world has left God. It is not possible that God has ceased to speak to the soul. Surely the soul has ceased to listen to God, to acknowledge his messages, or to reply to them. Most who are still without God and without Christ have had many messages from him. The gospel is a distinct and direct message. We can scarcely find a house so poor that it does not contain a copy of the Word of God. If our Bible could speak to us--or rather, if we would listen to what it says to us--we would heard the words, "I have a message from God for you." Spurgeon Study Bible, Judges 3:20
The sin we dread is forgiven when we have wept before God and have cast ourselves on Christ alone. In the name of the eternal God, our sins are all forgiven. From the book of God's remembrance, they are blotted out. They are as gone as the clouds that floated through the sky last year and left their showers on the ground. Our sins are gone, every one of them. Spurgeon Study Bible, Judges 4:22
"Peace be to you. Don't be afraid, for you will not die." This is what the Lord says to every poor trembler who is holding to him by the desperate grip of faith. We will not die the second death. We have no sin to die for, for he has laid our transgressions on his Son. We will not die, for Jesus died. "Your life is hidden with Christ in God" (Col. 3:3). Spurgeon Study Bible, Judges 6:23
May the Lord preserve us from the smallest departure from the way that he has marked out for us in his Holy Word. Spurgeon Study Bible, Judges 8:27
Temptations frequently come in the form of pleasing baits. Satan dresses up the pill he offers us. He seldom presents to any of us a bare hook, though that may be done with those who live habitually in sin. But Satan generally takes care to bait his hook and cover it so that it is scarcely seen. Spurgeon Study Bible, Judges 9:8-9
People cannot hear the voice of God because there is sin in the way--some darling sin--and they are not wise enough to realize that what they hear will be the means either of saving them or of damning them. Spurgeon Study Bible, 1 Samuel 3:4
When we pray for our fellow sinners, we are in sympathy with our divine Savior who made intercession for the transgressors. Many of us trace our conversion, if we go to the root of it, to the prayers of certain godly persons. Spurgeon Study Bible, 1 Samuel 12:23
There is no such thing as being in the valley while the two armies are on either side on the mountains. We are either this day standing shoulder to shoulder with Prince Immanuel's warriors, or else, when the master roll of the army on the opposite side is read, we are most certainly numbered there. All attempts to serve God and the world must end in bitter failure. Spurgeon Study Bible, 1 Samuel 30:13
Some temptations come to the industrious, but all temptations attack the idle. Spurgeon Study Bible, 2 Samuel 11:1
When the night is darkest, we may ask him for his light. When the way is roughest, we may lean more than ever on his arm. When the storm is the most fierce, we may trust the Pilot of the Galilean lake. When all around us rocks and reels to and fro like a drunken person, we may find a sure shelter and hiding place in the Rock of ages. We may prove the Lord Jesus in every possible way, for he loves to be tested. Spurgeon Study Bible, 1 Kings 10:1
The Lord meets the difficulty of sin not by denying the sinner's guilt but by removing it. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 1:18
One of the greatest works of grace in the heart is to humble our pride. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 2:17
A crimson line runs between the righteous and the wicked, the line of the atoning sacrifice. Faith crosses that line, but nothing else can. Faith in the precious blood is the great distinction at the root, and all those divine graces that spring out of faith go to make the righteous more and more separate from the ungodly world, who, not having the root, do not have the fruit. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 3:10-11
You may worship God anywhere if you get with Christ; but if you forget Christ, you can worship God nowhere. You can never have an acceptable worship of the Most High except through Jesus Christ. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 8:14
A God whom we could understand would be no God. If we could grasp him, he could not be infinite. If we could understand him, then he would not be divine. Jesus Christ, then, as a Son, was not born to us but given. He is blessing bestowed on us. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 9:6
God is both a wall and a well to his people--a wall to guard them from their adversaries and a well to supply all their needs out of his ever-living, overflowing fullness. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 27:3
God has cast all our sins away and effectively made an end of them. He treats us as though our sins had never existed as far as his justice is concerned. Through the vicarious sacrifice of Christ, the Lord looks at us as if we had never sinned at all. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 38:17
Nothing in the past has shaken the foundation of our faith. Nothing in the present can move it. Nothing in the future will undermine it. Whatever may occur in the ages to come, there will always be good reason for believing in Jehovah and his faithful Word. The great truths he has revealed will never be disproved. The great promises he has made will never be retracted. The great purposes he has devised will never be abandoned. So long as we live, we will always have a refuge, a hope, a confidence, that can never be removed. "I will bear you up when you turn gray" is not just a promise for those in old age. But it is also a promise to the people of God at any and every period between their birth and their death. Spurgeon Study Bible, Isaiah 46:3-4

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