Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bible Review: KJV

KJV Single Column. 2010. Thomas Nelson. 1632 pages. [Source: Bought]

First sentence: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

This Bible is one of my favorites. I believe this was the second time I've read this particular Bible.

I love that it is single column. I don't dislike double columns. I don't. That won't stop me from reading a Bible--loving a Bible. But if I have to choose--get to choose--then it's single column for me.

I love that it's black letter. I do dislike red letter. Two reasons really. One it's impossible on these eyes. Red letters tend to be faint pink and a strain--a pain--to read. OR red letters tend to be bright orange-y and migraine triggers. Either way--my head is feeling pained by the experience. I have noticed that the larger the print, the more tolerate I am of red letters in some way. So if you give me a giant font--say 18 points--the red letter isn't such a big deal. Two I think the whole Word of God is the Word of God. Red letters don't make a verse super-special-extra important.

I love that it is light weight. It is a convenient size to carry about and read wherever. But it is also a nice size for reading in bed.

I love that the font is a reasonable size. It is not a large print Bible--that is it is not advertised as such. But it is larger than many being published these days. In some ways I miss "the good old days" when Bibles were printed in fonts and font sizes that eyes could read comfortably. It is sad--tragic--that "large print" bibles being printed today have what was once normal font. To get a truly large print Bible, you have go GIANT or SUPER GIANT.

The paper-thickness isn't perfectly-perfect, but it is better than most being published today. I think the single column helps in some ways.

Most of all I love that it is the King James Version. I did not grow up reading the King James Version. In fact, I was at least thirty before I picked one up and read it. But once I started reading the King James, it was LOVE. I am not King James Only. I'm not. I don't think people who read the King James are more holy than those that read other translations. I don't think it is the only true translation that is true to the inspired originals.  I just happen to love, love, love, LOVE it and by choice I reread it often.

© Becky Laney of Operation Actually Read Bible

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