Friday, November 30, 2018

November check-in

What Bible(s) did I read from this month? I finished two Bibles this month. And I'm reading in a third. The one I'm currently reading is the ESV Systematic Theology. The ones I finished are:

How many books by J.C. Ryle did I read this month? I finished one and started another. I'm currently reading HOLINESS. I finished Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of Matthew

Favorite quote(s) by J.C. Ryle:

No doubt men may easily think too little of God the Father, and God the Spirit, but no man ever thought too much of Christ.

Am I keeping up with my Morning and Evening devotional by Charles Spurgeon? YES
Favorite quote(s) by Charles Spurgeon:
  • Make God your only object. Depend upon it, where SELF begins—sorrow begins!

How many books by R.C. Sproul did I read this month? one

Favorite quote(s) by R.C. Sproul:
  • The single most important thing to understand about worship is that the only worship that is acceptable to God is worship that proceeds from a heart that is trusting in God and in God alone. (38)
Did I read any Puritans or Reformers this month: A tiny bit. I read a few chapters in a Matthew Henry commentary. But I didn't share any quotes online.
Favorite quote(s):
If we work only for our fellow human beings, our works at best will die with us; if we work for God, they will follow us (Rev 14:13).
Did I complete at least one book from the TBR Pile challenge? Which one? No.
Other Christian nonfiction books read this month:

Christian fiction books read this month: 2

How many "new" books did I read (published 2000-present)? 5
How many "old" books did I read (published before 2000)? 7
Which book was my overall favorite?

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