Wednesday, August 26, 2020

65. Nothing Short of Wondrous

Nothing Short of Wondrous. (American Wonders Collection #2) Regina Scott. 2020. 336 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: What was it about men and danger? Did they all want to die? Kate Tremaine leveled her rifle at the back of the stranger standing beside the rainbow-colored mud pots, a long, twisted branch in his hand. “Stop right there, mister. Drop the stick.” Broad shoulders stiffened in his navy cavalry coat. Normally she had the utmost respect for the military, especially after seeing how Captain Harris had worked to protect Yellowstone since arriving last month. But she’d caught more than one of the horse soldiers a mite too close to the boiling geysers and heated paint pots.

Premise/plot: Kate Tremaine is a widow raising a son in Yellowstone National Park. She's the keeper of the Geyser Gateway hotel. Her lease is up in the spring and she worries about the future...

Lt. Will Prescott has a trouble past but he is absolutely loving his new assignment at Yellowstone patrolling the park. He trades his handy skills for a personal tour guide of the region he'll be patrolling with his six men. It's a fair trade when all is said and done. And during this time, he becomes buddies with Danny, the widow's young son.

But both Kate and Will have reasons to be hesitant about acting on their mutual attraction for one another. Is he there for the long haul? Or is Yellowstone just a temporary assignment?

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this one!!! I thought it was a lovely historical romance. There were a few times I wanted to really yell at the book, because I guessed a plot point many, many chapters before the hero and heroine--but overall it was a good way to spend my time.

I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical romances OR to those with a particular interest in Yellowstone. (I went in 89 a few weeks before the big fire.)

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