Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Review: The Imagination Station: Attack at the Arena

The Imagination Station: Attack at the Arena. Marianne Hering. Paul McCusker. Adventures in Odyssey. 2011. Tyndale. 128 pages.

Patrick, Beth, and Mr. Whittaker were at Whit's End on Tuesday morning. They were in the workshop getting ready for the Roman adventure. Beth came out of the girls' changing room. Patrick came out of the boys' changing room soon afterward.
The cousins were curious about their ancient Roman costumes. 

I enjoyed this second adventure. (The first adventure was Voyage with the Vikings.) Once again, Beth and Patrick, the stars of the series, are helping Mr. Whitaker on his mission to save Albert. The children aren't exactly sure who Albert is--and how their taking artifacts from different time periods is going to ultimately help save him. But even if they're not exactly sure how this time travel thing works, they know one thing. They are having fun! They are learning so much by experiencing history. This second adventure will take them to Rome. Beth will be going dressed as a slave. Patrick will be going dressed as a monk. The two will learn a great deal about Roman culture--the different classes, for example. Will learn about the weaknesses of this ancient culture, as they witness firsthand the bread and circus mentality. While in Rome, they'll meet a monk named Telemachus, a man who dared stand up to the emperor himself!

I liked this one. It had a little action, a little adventure, and a little history. I liked how faith was part of the story. I liked how this adventure allowed them to practice their faith--to trust in God to see them through. For the intended age group, I thought the writing was strong. It was just as good--if not better--than the Magic Treehouse series titles I've read the past year. (I found it much less annoying.)

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