Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Review: The Imagination Station: Voyage with the Vikings

The Imagination Station: Voyage with the Vikings. Marianne Hering. Paul McCusker. Adventures in Odyssey. 2011. Tyndale. 128 pages.

It all began on a Monday. Beth and her cousin Patrick were at Whit's End. It was a soda shop in a large, old house. Kids thought Whit's End was the best place in town for ice cream. But there was a lot more to Whit's End than scoops and cones. It had more rooms than Patrick could count. Down the hallway was a radio studio. And a theater to perform plays. Plus a library. On the second floor, there was a large model train. And the Bible Room. It was like a kids' museum.

Beth and Patrick star in this time-traveling adventure for young readers. Voyage with the Vikings is the first in a new series. And this first adventure in Imagination Station--a time machine of sorts--takes them back in time, back to the time of the Vikings. This adventure brings them face to face with Leif Ericson. Their mission is to bring back a sunstone, an item needed to help rescue Albert from Lord Darkthorn. But this mission won't be easy. For they may just end up enslaved if they're not careful.

I liked this one. It had a little action, a little adventure, and a little history. I liked how faith was part of the story. I liked how this adventure allowed them to practice their faith--to trust in God to see them through. For the intended age group, I thought the writing was strong. It was just as good--if not better--than the Magic Treehouse series titles I've read the past year. (I found it much less annoying.)

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