Saturday, September 24, 2011

Book Review: Deeply Devoted

Deeply Devoted. Maggie Brendan. 2011. Revell. 335 pages.

Catharine Olsen is a mail-order bride arriving in Wyoming with a few secrets. Two she won't be able to hide for long--for this bride is bringing with her two sisters, two younger sisters. And her groom is VERY VERY VERY surprised to learn that they will be coming home with him--for the duration, until they find jobs or marry. But one secret is dark and tragic and much more easily hidden. A secret from her past that she can't imagine sharing--at least not yet--with her husband.

Peter Andersen is very pleased with Catharine. She may not know how to cook, but she's willing to learn. And he knows that his love for her will only grow and grow through the weeks, months, years. And his attraction to her is very immediate. Her sisters, well, they're not unpleasant company. And one even seems to be a little helpful. But they definitely weren't in his plans.

This couple will face more than a few challenges in the months ahead. And NOT from her sisters. No, their biggest threat comes from HIS MOTHER who just doesn't know when enough is enough is enough.

I liked this one. It wasn't quite a love for me. But I definitely liked it. It was such a relief to go from A Heart Revealed to Deeply Devoted!

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