Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's On My Nightstand (September)

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Read the Bible for Life: Your Guide to Understanding and Living God's Word by George Guthrie. I've been reading in this nonfiction book off and on most of the month. Each chapter is a conversation. One chapter is even a conversation with himself which is more than a little awkward. But the subject is a good one. There have been chapters on how to read the prophets, how to read the books of wisdom, how to read the historical books, how to read the gospels, etc. And I think the information is definitely good! It's just not a book that you can speed through--at least it's not a book that I can speed through!

I got a new, well, new-to-me Bible this month!!! It is the 21st Century King James Version--which came out in 1994. I've only had it three or four days, but I've read Luke, Ezra, Romans, and most of Acts. I am loving it!!!

Two books I should begin reading soon--because they're due in October for review--are A Necessary Deception by Laurie Alice Eakes and Love on the Line by Deeanne Gist. Both look interesting!!! A Necessary Deception, I believe, is a Regency romance. And Love on the Line is set in Texas, and I believe the hero is a Texas Ranger.

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Trish said...

The Guthrie book sounds interesting. I have just started reading the Bible chronologically with a friend who is blogging her way through it (The Exhorter Reads is the name of the blog). I am really enjoying it!

morninglight mama said...

Ah yes, isn't the deadline of a review great motivation to get reading? :)
Thanks for linking up with us!

-Dawn, 5M4B

Cassandra said...

Guthrie's book does sound interesting. Thanks for posting about it!