Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life Essentials Study Bible

Life Essentials Study Bible: Biblical Principles to Live By. Gene A. Getz. October 1, 2011. (Though Amazon appears to be selling it now. So it may be out a few days early.)

I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS curious to see the release of new Bibles--new study Bibles, new translations, etc. This study Bible is in the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation. I haven't looked at it in person yet, but I did discover that you can preview it on

There is a video introduction which will give you an idea of what this Bible has to offer. But the website also allows you to sample some of the teaching videos.

These videos can also be seen on YouTube's LifeEssentials channel. The three or four videos I've seen are about twelve to fifteen minutes in length.

For some, I think the video teaching might be really appealing! We don't all learn the same way.

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I just purchased this Bible and since have had several other people purchase it after seeing mine. It's amazing. The principles to live by,the reflection and responses and the end of each chapter are quite powerful. Plus, the videos add the extra edge when trying to really understand something.

Thanks for the review and I am highly recommending it to everyone I know who loves the geeky technology stuff.