Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Bible Releases

Periodically, I like to share the 'new' and 'upcoming' releases I find. I always enjoy seeing what new Bibles are being released--especially new-new Bibles, not just rereleases or updated editions of Bibles currently available.

ESV Daily Reading Bible: Through the Bible in 365 Days, Based on the Popular M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. Published by Crossway. Releases late August 2012. [Barnes & Noble]

A.W. Tozer Bible, KJV, Published by Hendrickson Publishers. Releases late March 2012. [Barnes & Noble]

The Henry Morris Study Bible: Apologetics Commentary and Explanatory Notes from the Father of Modern Creationism, King James Version. Published by New Leaf Publishing Group. Releases mid-April 2012. [Barnes & Noble]

The New Testament in Scots. By W.L. Lorimer and Robin Lorimer. Published by Canongate UK. Releases July 2012. [Barnes & Noble]

The Voice Bible. Published by Thomas Nelson. Releases April 2012. [Barnes & Noble]

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