Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bible Readership Survey

Yesterday, I read this fun little article and learned the results of a new Bible survey. A full list of questions was not shared, as far as I could tell, but here's the part I found most interesting:

When asked, "About how often do you read the Bible either by yourself or together with family members as part of a private activity?" 37 percent said nearly every day. Twenty-two percent read it three to five times a week while another 22 percent read it once or twice a week. Approximately one in five is a more sporadic Bible reader: 11 percent read it two or three times a month, and 8 percent read the Bible about once a month.
On average, Bible readers in the United States personally own 3.6 copies of Scripture. Eighty-four percent of readers have more than one Bible.
His conclusion:
Stetzer concluded, "We learn from this study among American Bible readers that owning multiple Bibles is much more prevalent than regularly investing time in reading it."

Does this survey reflect you and your habits? Do you think his conclusion is accurate?

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