Friday, March 23, 2012

Journaling The Knowledge of the Holy #2

I was able to read through chapter eight today. The chapters I read included: "A Divine Attribute: Something True About God," "The Holy Trinity," "The Self-Existence of God," "The Self-Sufficiency of God," "The Eternity of God," and "God's Infinitude."

I am still enjoying this one. I'm not sure exactly how to try to pace myself. If it's better to read this oh-so-short book quickly. Or if I should give myself time to let what I read sink in.

From "A Divine Attribute, Something True About God"

What is God like? What kind of God is He? How may we expect Him to act toward us and toward all created things? Such questions are not merely academic. They touch the far-in reaches of the human spirit, and their answers affect life and character and destiny. When asked in reverence and their answers sought in humility, these are questions that cannot but be pleasing to our Father which are in heaven. (13)

An attribute of God is whatever God has in any way revealed as being true of Himself. (12)

The divine attributes are what we know to be true of God. He does not possess them as qualities; they are how God is as He reveals Himself to His creatures. Love, for instance, is not something God has and which may grow or diminish or cease to be. His love is the way God is, and when He loves He is simply being Himself. And so with the other attributes. (16)

From "The Self-Existence of God"

We can never know who or what we are till we know at least something of what God is. (28)

From "The Self-Sufficiency of God"

To be right we must think rightly of God. It is morally imperative that we purge from our minds all ignoble concepts of the Deity and let Him be the God in our minds that He is in His universe. The Christian religion has to do with God and man, but its focal point is God, not man. (35)

From "The Eternity of God"

God's eternity and man's mortality join to persuade us that faith in Jesus Christ is not optional. For every man it must be Christ or eternal tragedy. Out of eternity our Lord came into time to rescue His human brethren whose moral folly had made them not only fools of the passing world but slaves of sin and death as well. (42)

My thoughts: I am really enjoying reading this one!!! Each chapter is great. Some are more quotable than others. But each offers food for thought.

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