Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review: The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek

The Welcome Committee of Butternut Creek. Jane Myers Perrine. 2012. FaithWords. 384 pages.

I definitely enjoyed this contemporary small town romantic comedy. The focus isn't on any one person, though, it may appear at the beginning to be centered on the new preacher, Adam Jordan. It is focused on a community held together in part by high school football and the local church. Readers meet "the pillar" of the community, "Miss Birdie" through the eyes of Adam Jordan. "Miss Birdie" is one of two WIDOWS who (essentially) run the church and the town, having opinions on EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, no matter how big or small. But if you think they're always focusing on the negative and are super-critical, well, you'd be wrong. For they do have big hearts and are willing to make sacrifices.

One of the strengths of the widows is their talent for matchmaking. They just know that Adam needs a wife. But they also know that Sam Peterson needs one too. He's a marine newly returned from Afghanistan who is struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally. He's in physical therapy, and on his first day he falls in "love" with his therapist, Willow Thomas, a newly divorced mom of two boys. But he may be his own biggest obstacle...

This book, while told through the eyes of a preacher in a small Texas town, does not focus exclusively on the church or church life. It isn't a novel about a preacher spending hours each day working on sermons. It isn't about church socials and knowing what dishes to avoid. It is about daily life in a small town--and the focus in this one seems to be on a handful of people.

I enjoyed the characters, for the most part. And I liked the setting of this one. It's a cozy read.

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