Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Book Review: Whatever Happened to the Gospel

Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace. James Montgomery Boice. 2001/2009. Crossway. 224 pages.

Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace is a great introduction to the doctrines of theology of the Reformation, and ultimately of the gospel. The book is in part critical of contemporary evangelicals concluding that some (not all) that call themselves evangelicals have wandered from the (whole) truth of the gospel. In other words, they've forgotten what the Reformation was all about, made a few too many compromises with the culture, focused on the wrong things perhaps. The first two chapters form part one, "Our Dying Culture," it is in the first two chapters that we find criticism of contemporary Christianity and of the culture in general. ("The New Pragmatism" and "The Pattern of This Age.) Chapters three through seven form part two, "Doctrines That Shook the World." This is the heart of the book. This is where each of the five solos receive attention. The chapters are: "Scripture Alone," "Christ Alone," "Grace Alone," "Faith Alone," and "Glory to God Alone." Each chapter is GREAT at exploring the doctrine, showing how important this truth was to the reformers and why it is CRITICAL for all believers to embrace this doctrine. Each chapter shows how relevant the doctrine is and why believing rightly matters. Chapters eight and nine form part three, "The Shape of Renewal." These chapters are "Reforming Our Worship" and "Reforming Our Lives." These are practical chapters highlighting the importance of putting our doctrines into practice and letting these doctrines shape who we are as believers.

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