Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review: A Faith To Grow On

A Faith To Grow On. John MacArthur. 2000/2004. Thomas Nelson. 192 pages.

A Faith To Grow On is essentially a book for children and (younger) young adults on the basics of the Christian faith. The book is divided into twelve chapters:

  • God
  • Creation
  • Sin
  • Bible
  • Jesus
  • Salvation
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Church
  • Forgiveness
  • Evangelism
  • Heaven

Each chapter is divided or subdivided into two-page spreads that often focus on questions OR share and explain a portion of Scripture. For example, chapter one is broken down into these questions:

  • Can we see God?
  • Are we like God?
  • How are we different from God?
  • What does God want from us?
  • What keeps us from knowing God?
  • How long has God been alive?
  • Is God perfect?
  • Is there only one God?
  • What should we do when we don't understand God?
  • What we understand about God?

Some of the questions are natural, others feel a little more forced. Each two page spread is a blend of introduction, explanation, and sometimes application. Also included on each spread are a handful of Scripture verses on the topic. I didn't find the "word scrambles" for each spread necessary. But that could just be me!

Some of the chapters are longer than others, some are quite short. But overall, I think the book offers something of substance to readers. I do think it is important to have quality educational books to share with children. This one would be great for families OR for a church setting.

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