Friday, April 26, 2013

Veggie Review: Duke and the Great Pie War

Do you have a favorite Veggie Tales? One of my favorites is Duke and the Great Pie War. The moral lesson of this video is "Loving Your Family." It contains two short stories and a silly song. The silly song is Larry Sings the Blues. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see Larry sing the blues because he truly doesn't get it. He just doesn't know how to be sad and blue. He's too optimistic to sing the blues, which ultimately leads to a fun polka!

The first story is "Baby Sitter in De Nile." Viewers see a not-so-happy Miriam in her role of big sister. She does not like having to take care of the new baby. In this adaptation, Miriam doesn't grasp--at least not until her parents explain it to her a bit better--the danger her baby brother is in. If you know the story--found in Exodus--you'll know that baby boys were to be killed. I really enjoyed this adaptation. The sometimes-clueless and often-selfish Miriam is easy to relate to perhaps for the youngest viewers who may be dealing with new baby brothers or sisters of their own.  Miriam's song is "What Can a Baby Do?"

The second story is "Duke and the Great Pie War." This one stars Larry (Duke Duke), Bob (Lucas), Madame Blueberry (Nona), and Sweet Petunia, the Rhubarbarian. It is an adaption of the story of Ruth, Boaz, and Naomi. I just LOVE this story! It is quite cleverly written with plenty of jokes. (I loved the "serf music" for example!)

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