Friday, September 20, 2013

Quoting Martin Luther

For the world never has enough of this life, while the experienced Christian is ready to be removed. What the world seeks, he avoids; what it avoids, he seeks. ~Martin Luther
Faith is something all Christians have, though not in equal measure, some possessing more and others less. However, in faith all have the same possession—Christ. ~ Martin Luther
Faith renders you equal with others, and others equal with you. ~ Martin Luther
Spiritual fervor increases with undertaking and effort. It is the nature of spirit not to know weariness. Spirit grows faint and weary only by idleness. Laboring, it increases in strength. ~ Martin Luther
You will never offer true prayer from a book. To be sure, you may, by reading a prayer, learn how and what to pray, and have your devotion enkindled; but real prayer must proceed spontaneously from the heart, not in prescribed words; the language must be dictated by the fervor of the soul. ~ Martin Luther

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Joyful Reader said...

Great Stuff! I am enjoying his commentary on Romans as I spend my Year in Romans.