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Book Review: Love's Awakening (2013)

Love's Awakening. Laura Frantz. 2013. Revell. 416 pages. [Source: Review Copy]

Love's Awakening is the second in the Ballantyne Legacy series by the fabulous Laura Frantz. The first in the series is Love's Reckoning. I believe you could read the second novel as a stand-alone, however, if you have plans to read the first book, you should read the two in order! The second book is set about twenty years after the first book; the novel is about the next generation.

The heroine of Love's Awakening is Ellie Ballantyne. I loved her from the start. (In many ways, she has a much easier time than her mother, Eden!) The novel opens with Ellie's homecoming. She's returning from finishing school (or the equivalent) and her journey home turns interesting with a huge, disruptive storm. There is a hero to be found, however, a dashing Jack Turlock. His family doesn't have the best reputation perhaps, and there is some tension between the Turlock family and the Ballantyne family. But Jack Turlock escorts Ellie home and there is a spark of something between them. Nothing improper, mind you, and if it hadn't been for a meddling sister, perhaps, nothing would have come of this attraction...

I REALLY loved Jack's sister, Chloe! And not just because she helps Jack and Ellie come together. I love seeing the "good" in the Turlock family. I loved Jack and Chloe's friendship. I thought he was a good brother. And his tender relationship with his sister, well, it only helped me love him more!

So Ellie returns home a bit unexpectedly. Her parents are away on an extended trip. She has brothers and sisters. Some a bit bossy! Ellie has an idea on how she can help her community. She'll open a day school and teach. Chloe is one of the young ladies that desperately wants to attend or have lessons. There are others as well, but, to be honest Chloe is the only one developed that we come to know and care about! Jack, as Chloe's guardian of sorts, says no initially...

Beneath the surface of this historical romance, there is gritty history. This novel is about the underground railroad...

Love's Awakening is intense and compelling. It has its sweet moments. I really love Laura Frantz. I do. Her historical fiction is among the best of the best. Love's Awakening did not disappoint.

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And I really, really love your reviews, dear Becky. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for making time for my books as you are one voracious reader!
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